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IBM i (AS/400) Centre of Excellence

PMS Information Systems is a leading Application Development, Maintenance & Training provider of IBM i (aka AS/400, iSeries eServer, System i, i5) & IBM Mainframe technologies with its headquarters in Chennai, India. Managed by a veteran with more than 18 years experience in IBM i technology, the PMS team consists of highly qualified consultants having experience in this technology. Professionalism and high performance combined with innovative and creative IT solutions and development is what PMS offers.
PMS Information Systems Academic Initiative is an innovative program to partner with colleges and universities to better educate millions of students for a more skilled and competitive IT workforce. The program offers a broad range of resources and support to students, faculty and institutions, aiming to provide skills in open standards, critical in a fast-paced and ever-changing IT industry.
IBM i (AS/400) Resource for Academics:
Become a member of the PMS Information Systems Academic Initiative and gain access to IBM i software, hardware, training, tools and books. Learn the hottest jobs and keep updated with the IBM i. Membership in the PMS Information Systems Academic Initiative is the best way to ensure that you have the IBM i technology and tools to use in your curriculum and research.
PMS Information Systems Academic Initiative program objectives aims at empowering students of today to face the challenges of the marketplace of tomorrow. The Academic initiative program facilitates a model of partnership between industry and academic to drive evolving open standards-based IT skills.
PMS : IBM i Experts Challenge Contest - PMS iEC 2011, develops students technical skills, programming knowledge and real-time project development skills which is essential for current IT industry. Further PMS Information Systems assists the students not only to come across real time project scenarios but also helps them with hands on training sessions in the IBM i technology.
Top 5 reasons for colleges to have in IBM i Centre of Excellence
The IBM i Centre of Excellence will run by PMS and College Students Ambassadors. The Centre of Excellence will give you the software required for the training program for completely free of cost. PMS Academy and Students Ambassadors will provide regular awareness programmes and seminars on IBM i regarding the latest updates on IBM i for completely free of cost.
It aims at increasing the skill sets of the faculty and students of your college, leading to:
First Time in INDIA to have Set-up on IBM i Laboratory and IBM i Education, which was used only by few colleges / universities in this universe. Improvement in the quality of technical education to the students and technical knowledge to the faculties. We provide best of quality technical education thereby increasing the skill set of each student and faculty for a great career.
Easily place candidates in this demand world on this demand IBM i Technology. Increase in the employability of students. Increase your placement percentage comparing to your previous years and placing your college in a leadership position. Increases the confidence in students to be market-ready and be highly informed about the various technologies to be cut above the rest during placement.
Equip your college with the power of cutting edge software from IBM.
PMS Information Systems Academic Initiative provide free Intermediate level training and access to IBM i System to faculties for completely free of cost.
PMS Information Systems Academic initiative rolls out regular Faculty Development Workshops / trainings which are designed exclusively for faculty interested in IBM Technologies and planning to use them in classroom teaching, for mentoring student's projects and/or for any other non-commercial/educational purposes. It also helps the faculties to get Ph.D in IBM Technologies.
Top 5 reasons for candidates to join in IBM i Centre of Excellence
Increase your placement opportunity
We will get you connected leading employers. Have your resume shortlisted first by the employers and highlighted with the knowledge on IBM i. Become a part of the talented pool of skilled resource, be visible to the industry personnel and get hired. If your profile has an IBM professional certification, the necessary required on-demand skills of the industry and is market ready, we have IBM business partners and our vendors waiting to hire you!
Advance your technical knowledge on IBM i.
IBM i is a midrange server designed for small businesses and departments in large enterprises and now redesigned so that it will work well in distributed networks with Web applications. It was formally called as AS/400, which uses the PowerPC microprocessor with its reduced instruction set computer technology. Its operating system is called the OS/400. With multi-terabytes of disk storage and a Java virtual memory closely tied into the operating system, IBM hopes to make the AS/400 a kind of versatile all-purpose server that can replace PC servers and Web servers in the world's businesses, competing with both and UNIX servers, while giving its present enormous customer base an immediate leap into the Internet.
Get access to your own IBM i.
You can have access to IBM i without installing and maintaining an IBM i (AS/400) or IBM Mainframe system, which cost around a crore to purchase and lakhs to access. You can have your own virtual access for your college and your students to an IBM System i.
Get Industry Proven Course-ware.
Get professionally developed materials to have wide range of knowledge on IBM i, which not only focuses on IBM i Programming concepts, it also included with IBM i Project development and maintenance.
Start your own first project development during your academic.
Develop your own application development project on IBM i and develop your project development skills. Develop your knowledge on tips and techniques in project development. Experience the thrill of doing big things early!
Now is the right time for IBM i Centre of Excellence
Global forces are altering the educational landscape as India faces a serious skills shortage in the technology industry.
Through the PMS Information Systems IBM i Academic Initiative, We are working with colleges and universities across the country to teach students the open-standards skills they'll need to compete in the ever-changing technology workplace.
This initiative offers a wide range of technology education benefits that can be scaled to meet the goals of most educational institutions, ranging from large research universities to local community colleges.
What's more, it can provide the resources you need to create more competitive academic programs and more highly skilled students.