Inplant Training
PMS Academy have worked out a unique program for inplant Training and project work. We offer inplant training on IBM i (AS400), IBM Mainframe & Related Technologies. Inplant training is an essential and integral part of University Education. Our training is generally comprised of a practical work and a project work which helps the students to understand the industrial environment. We act as a bridge between academics and industries, for their job opportunities and building future professional careers of students after completion of their Courses. Our training enhances their ability for jobs and opens a gateway to the outside world.
We also have proven systems for intake of the candidates, ensuring quality and delivery standards, course execution, Continuous evaluation, placement assistance and certification which aims at producing industry ready professionals at the end of the training program. Apart from technical training, personality development sessions including the interview skills, human skills and communication skills are also incorporated into the training courses to achieve the goal of developing the students into complete professionals. We have also contributed to the growth of many industries by providing customized project specific corporate training to their fresh recruits and experienced employees.
Training Schedule for Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, MCA and M.Sc - Computer Science Candidates.
Course I
IBM i Basic Concepts
Introduction to IBM i File System & DDS Programming
Introduction to Advanced Development Tools ( PDM, SDA, RLU )
Introduction to CL Programming
Introduction to RPG Programming
Course II
IBM System z Basic Concepts
Introduction to TSO/ISPF
Introduction to JCL
Introduction to COBOL
Introduction to CICS
Course III
Basics on RPG IV Programming
Basics on CL Programming
Introduction to RPG IV ILE
Introduction to CLLE
Basic Application Development using RPG IV
Course IV
JCL for Application Developers
CICS for Application Developers
COBOL Basics
Introduction to Structured Programming
Future of COBOL
Course V
Introduction to OOPS Concepts
Basic Java Programming
Introduction to Java IO, Java NIO
Introduction to J2SDK API classes
Bird's eye view of a typical J2EE architecture
Course VI
Introduction to Java Web Tier
JSP Technology Basics
Understanding of EJB Architecture
Introduction to J2EE Design Patterns
Training Schedule for Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering Candidates
IBM i Architecture
Introduction to POWER processor
Logical Partition on IBM i
IBM i Operating System Commands
Overview on IPv6, FTP & TELNET